We are All in This Together!

Never did I imagine my life would look like something from the movies Outbreak or Contagion. As a senior in college I never expected my last spring semester to be at home online. I am missing my last sorority moms weekend, sorority formal, my last spring philanthropy event, my best friends 22nd birthday trip to Vegas, a family reunion in May, and a family trip in May. I had so many plans this Spring and so many goals to accomplish in my final lap as a Texas Tech student. I graduate in December and look forward to a different life change.

I started at Eberley Brooks in February and was lucky enough to assist at the McDougall/Ward wedding, Kappa Kappa Gamma's moms weekend brunch, Colley/Nabours wedding, and the Havens/Knight wedding. I got to see these beautiful weddings and one fun brunch and I loved it. My favorite moment in weddings is when the barn doors/chapel doors open and a groom sees his bride for the first time. This moment gives me goose bumps and I hope it always will. I was looking forward to helping out at all the April weddings we had on the calendar and getting to see all of our beautiful brides on their special day. Although, they will get their special day, a lot of tears have been shed.

I am so grateful to work at a venue that truly priorities its brides and is standing with them. We are praying for each of you and thinking of you. We feel your pain and will do whatever we can do in our power to help you have your special day. We are still open and giving tours. We are here for each of you and we can not wait to open our venue back open for weddings. This 2020 Spring wedding season looks a lot different than we thought, but, God has a plan. There is a lot of perks to being at home as well, time spent with family can sometimes be hard in busy seasons of work and life. I was able to spend 2 weeks at home with my parents which I haven't been able to do in a year. I usually can barely get away for a week before it's back to Lubbock for some responsibility. I have also loved not having a set wake up time, baking cookies with my mom, going on long walks, and most importantly getting some extra minutes of quiet time without rushing to get to work or school.

I am praying this season will hurry up and we can get back to having your wedding. I look forward to setting up your wedding, to seeing you all dressed up, the smile on your face when you are finally Mrs. and no longer Ms. I can't wait to see your beautiful wedding photos and see your wedding exit. These times are tough, but, they will end.

Eberley Brooks is here for you!

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