Happy National Boss's Day!!

Happy national boss's day!

This last Saturday was national boss's day, and we here at Eberley Brooks appreciate and love our bosses. They have blessed each of us, so we all took time to write a little something about how much we appreciate them! It may be a little late, but they deserve to be celebrated every day anyway! ;)


Misty and Austin are truly the best! They are some of the most caring and hardworking people that you will ever meet. I love all of the memories our EB family has all made together. The late nights, tears, prayers, and laughter that we all have shared...I wouldn't want to do it for anyone else!

Super sappy, but I mean it!!! 


Misty and Austin have blessed my family in more ways than we could even imagine. When I started at EB I knew that this was different from any other job I had had before. We aren't just employees, but we are family and friends. I get to watch their kids grow up and they get to watch mine. They are invested in the lives of each of the employees, attendants, clients, and vendors. They truly bless each person they come in contact with, and they show the love and grace of the Lord in so many ways. I couldn't work for/with a better family. Thank you for all that you do for each of us and our families! We love you guys! 

Annah Jane- 

I am very new to the team at Eberley Brooks. However, within the short period I have been here, Austin & Misty have done nothing but make me feel welcomed & supported in this company and team. It is evident that these two walk with Jesus and try to emulate Him the best they can. Misty and Austin have stewarded a dynamic here at Eberley Brooks that is kind, supportive and focused on the Lord. They are consistent in their character and selfless while leading with courage and wisdom! They love on their staff and clients with encouragement and patience. It is an honor getting to work and learn under these two. Anyone who gets to do life with Misty & Austin will see the Lord in new and sweet ways! 


We really do have the best bosses. It is so rare to have bosses that truly care about every aspect of your life. Misty and Austin have created such a fun work environment for everyone. I am so blessed by them and all of the staff at EBE and thankful I get to do life alongside them all.


Since starting work here, I have yet to have a day where my work or effort wasn't being appreciated. This is one of very few jobs I love coming in to work ad have fun while here. Misty and Austin make the workplace fun and relaxing, but also know hot to run it as close to perfection as possible. These two truly have servant hearts with the mind to put God first in everything they do. They exemplify Christ's love for us daily. There is nobody else I would rather work for, and have the ability to call my friends.

Juliana - 

Austin & Misty are two of the most kind-hearted, selfless people I know. Their love for Christ is beautiful, and it shows to those around them. They make work fun, and I have enjoyed all of the crazy, silly moments. 

They are such a blessing, and I am forever thankful to them for allowing me to join their Eberley Brooks family! :)