Bake My Day

We are excited to introduce our very own Allison Collins, owner of Bake My Day. She is one of the most kind hearted ladies you will ever meet. Her cakes succeed in both taste and style! Here is a little message from the woman herself:

Hello!!!! I am Alison owner of Bake My Day , a Lubbock home bakery

specializing in Wedding Cakes and Groom's cakes for your special day!

I have been working with Eberley Brooks almost since they opened and each

wedding cake is just as special as the very first! I am always absolutely

honored to be chosen and love getting to know each couple. From the very

first consultation where I learn about a bride's style, vibe and dreams until

delivery the day of the wedding I love building a relationship with couples and

their families. From the simple and sweet cakes to the elaborate cakes that

play the TTU fight song (yes that really happened!) I treasure every one!!

My greatest honor is to be Ammy ( my grandma name). I have 13 “littles” (

and I use that term loosely as some are taller than me now) and these little

humans light up my life beyond belief! My husband and I had 6 children, four

daughters and two sons. It was a crazy life, but it was our life!

I love to travel Caribbean Islands have my heart…there’s something about a

beach, clear blue water and your favorite person beside you!


Back to the kitchen!!!!


What can we say about our sweet Alison Collins?? If you are blessed enough to have her in your circle, you know how amazing of a person and friend she is…her sweets are definitely an added bonus!

We can honestly say that when you book with her for your special day, you can rest assured knowing that you are in good hands! The love and care that she takes with all of her clients really shows from the first time that you meet her, till the day she is setting up your wedding and groom’s cake. I love that she is so personable and really tries to make her client’s vision come to life. I can remember a sweet couple of mine, who told of the special moments they shared with a hot cup of hot chocolate. Alison went above and beyond to incorporate that intimate detail into their cake flavors. Another couple of mine loved having breakfast for dinner! They talked about the times that they would come home from a hard day's work and head to the kitchen to make their favorite, french toast. In comes Alison with her ideas of ways to make them cinnamon french toast cake, with a maple syrup frosting!! The fact that she cares so much to sit and listen to our couples and hear their stories, means so much to us! When you hire vendors that we know will take care of you, we know that you will have such a great experience and not feel all the unnecessary stresses that wedding planning can bring. Alison is definitely your girl!! 

  • Catie ♡

Alison is one of the kindest souls I have met. She is so strategic on her work, and you can tell she loves doing what she does. Each cake is special to the bride and Alison as well. I cannot say enough about Alison and the care she shows to everyone around her. Also, her accent is sweet, so it’s a bonus when you get to talk to her. ;)

  • Juliana 

I absolutely love working with Alison. She always goes above and beyond for each of her couples. For my personal wedding, she made sure every detail was covered and went out of her way to make it memorable for Corbin and I. She exceeded our expectations in every way. I recently had a couple who the groom grew up with his dad making a red velvet cake with peanut butter filling cake every year for his birthday. He knew immediately that was what he wanted for his groom’s cake. Alison made a delicious cake in the shape of his firefighter helmet with every detail and scratch replicated. You definitely will be taken care of by Alison!!! 

  • Brooklyn