Ballyhoo Bubble Bar

We have Ballyhoo up next on our vendor shout out! They are new to our vendor list, and we are so excited to see what they will add to our couples big days! They are so unique, and such a fun add on. Here are some fun facts about their business!

Ballyhoo’s first Bubble Bar, “Giuseppe” is a 1977 Piaggio Ape P501. Available for rent for any event, this unit is equipped with 8 draft drink taps and can facilitate several different types of drinks at once, hot or cold, bubbly or not. It can fit easily inside venues and locations, making it super accessible to your guests.

Built and owned by Matt Ballentine (otherwise known as “Ballyhoo”), the Bubble Bar started as a fun project during COVID. Matt and his wife, Katrina, and 4 children enjoyed restoring and building Giuseppe and like to cruise in him regularly. Matt is a full-time graphic designer with interests in coffee (addiction), mixology, traveling, film & darkroom photography, drive-in movies, and stargazing.

Giuseppe was originally owned by Alberto Giuseppe in Italy, and later made his maiden voyage from Italy to the USA. For years he was used on a farm in Southern Texas.

The Ape (pronounced “ah-pay”) is common in Italy where its compact size allows it to navigate narrow streets, park easily, and serve as an impromptu market stall. In India, these vehicles are commonly referred to as “tuk-tuks”, which translates to “taxi”.

Messages from our coordinators:

Ballyhoo Bubble Bar is honestly the most fun experience to bring to your guests on your special day! Matt Ballentine is so fun and energetic, and truly loves what he does. From hot or cold, alcohol or not, he has the best recipes to fill Guiseppe up for your guests to enjoy!

  • Catie

I haven't personally worked with Matt from Ballyhoo, but the business he offers is incredibly unique! I am so glad we are able to have diverse options with our preferred vendors. They are so clever in finding out what will sell and rolling with it! He offers something I have not seen anywhere else. Having him for any event will be something to talk about, and you will not be disappointed with the drinks either ;)

  • Juliana

The Ballyhoo Bubble Bar is such a unique and fun thing to add to your event. It is the perfect way to entertain your guests while also providing a fun treat. There are so many fun options that will definitely help make your event memorable to your guests. I hope to work with Matt sometime soon!!! 

  • Brooklyn