Experience Christmas Vendor Shoutout

We are so excited to host Experience Christmas this year, for the first year of many!! We have had such wonderful vendors show off what they love. There will be many blogs to come, but to start, here is a little bit about two lovely ladies.

Folded Books By Jan:

Jan has been folding books for many years! A little backstory about her; she is originally from Wyoming and made her way down here to take care of her best friend, who was suffering from a brain tumor. She has such a big heart, and that shows in the way and time she takes to hand-fold these books for people to enjoy. Her first word ever folded, was the word "faith" and she shows it. She learned to fold books with her grandma and began practicing on books that were going to be trashed! She worked at a library while practicing, and all that practice has definitely paid off! Be sure to check her out, and see the hand-crafted product for yourself!

Glassyally Gallery:

Pauline, owner of Glassyally Gallery was born and raised in Cork City, Ireland. She came to America in 1986 where she found her love for mosaics. She also found the love of her life. She came to visit her Aunt, who introduced her to her boss, and they have been happily married for 30+ years! She teaches weekly classes and has added instruction on carved concrete, welding, and sculpture. In 2020, she began making mosaic kits for her students and friends to have something fun to do. Every year, Pauline returns to Ireland for inspiration to bring back to her studio. She is a wonderful crafter who makes things from blankets made from Sarees to homemade shirts! Make sure to visit her and see all of it in action!