Experience Christmas Vendor Shoutout-1-1

We are so excited to have hosted Experience Christmas this year, for the first of many!! We had such wonderful vendors show off what they love. Our next vendors are Link + Lux & Short Trip Farms!

Link + Lux is a permanent jewelry business that does pop-ups and private parties! One of the business owners had permanent jewelry done and loved the idea! She wanted to do it herself, so she started here in October 2022. They offer all types of charms and luxurious chains. Try and catch them at their next pop-up, or hire them for a fun party! 

Short Trip Farms is a small family farm in Lubbock County that's been around since 2008. They manage a small herd of Nigerian Dwarf Goats for dairy and pet purposes! They milk their own goats for the natural personal care products they offer. They have continued to expand their farm and have now added meat goats. Be sure to check out the personal care, food, gardening, and livestock they have available! They can be found at the local Wolfforth Farmers Market!