Experience Christmas Vendor Shoutout-1

We are so excited to have hosted Experience Christmas this year, for the first of many!! We had such wonderful vendors show off what they love. Our next vendors are August Bleu & Fleurish!

August Bleu is a family-owned business based out of Wolfforth, Texas. The mother-daughter duo specializes in clothing, Pure Milk Lotion, tea, towels, and an assortment of other fun items. Their clothing is original designs they made and came up with. Be sure to check out the super cute products they have!!! 

Fleurish began in 2012 as a full-service floral shop. They always desired to add clothing to their store, and in 2014 that dream came true! Today, clothing, shoes, and accessories make up more than half of their inventory! One of their goals was to make their store a place where mothers and daughters could go shopping together! Make a mother/daughter date, and check out their incredible products!