Here's to another year, unlike any other. I think we can all agree that this year has had its twists and turns; however, I believe this year has also been a year of growth and reliance on our community and the saving grace of God. This year has brought trials for each person, and each business. We have felt the effect of this year, but a lot of it we have been able to utilize towards growth for our business and ourselves. We want to thank each one of you that have stuck it out with us and kept strong. We may not know what is to come in this next year, but we pray you may keep your head up, laugh, and possibly say "I Do". ;) As to keep with the oh so wonderful tradition, we want to challenge whoever may desire, to a 10-day challenge.

1- Spend a day dedicated to giving: Being selfless can look different for everyone. I am not saying you have to give someone up to half your fortune, but any little thing can make someone's day.

2- Spend a day dedicated to love: We are a wedding venue after all, so what's more fitting than good ol' fashion love. Love can be anything from saying I do to a little kiss...Hershey's kiss that is. Or whatever your heart desires.

3- Spend a day saying I Do!: Now, “I do” doesn’t have to just be for weddings, but rather a day of saying yes! Of course, this doesn’t apply to things that are unsafe or anywhere along those lines, but if someone asks you to help clean you have to say yes! 

4- Send a message of appreciation: Spend the day sending messages of thanks to those who have helped you this year, and let them know how much you appreciate them!

5- Spend a day dedicated to yourself: Spend the day doing something for yourself! If you have made it this far, you deserve a day to yourself, whether that be getting your nails done, or simply kicking back to your fav tv show with a bag of chocolate! Whatever it is, just something you might not usually do for yourself

6- Spend a day memorizing a verse/verses: Spend the day meditating on God's word! Having His word run through your thoughts improves your day...hopefully this one can become a habit! Try to memorize at least one verse or more!

7- Start a new book, read a chapter a day: This one is tough if you don’t enjoy reading; however, when you finish the book it is a great accomplishment! So pick up a book and get started!

8- Spend a day eating clean: This one is most definitely a hard one, however, if you’re used to takeout, take a break and cook a nice hearty meal with whole foods! Whole foods aka, a whole pizza...just kidding!

9- Organize your home: Spend however long this one takes you, to organize your house or just a room! (or my personal favorite, the fridge) I find nothing more satisfying than an organized fridge! This one will make a difference in the long run...trust me, you will appreciate your hard work.

10- Spend the day away from social media: A media detox is always good for the mind! The only out, is if it is work-related, but put those scrolling fingers away, and maybe catch up on the book you forgot about ;)

These are all optional, but always fun to give a try...and I mean it’s only 10 days, what’s the worst that can happen?

HAPPY NEW YEAR from the EBE fam!!