Here's to 10 years

On our 10th anniversary I thought I would take the time to explain 10 Things I didn’t realize were actually important about your wedding day from a personal experience. 

1. Your wedding party matters. We were surrounded by amazing friends that still celebrate, cry, encourage and love on us… Don’t just choose the friends that you are close to at the moment you get married, but rather ones you know will last a lifetime. One's that will Support and encourage your marriage and push you to love Jesus more. 

2. Take time to spend time with your mom and dad.Thank your parents - as in look them in the eye, hug their neck and thank them for preparing you for this moment. 

3. Thank your guest for coming… 

4. It’s special day but you don’t have to spend thousand of dollars on your wedding day

5. Talk to your love about how you envision the day going . A lot of emotions, expectations and things to consider about one another. 

6. Do a first look -- it’s worth it to calm one another before walking down the isle. Personally wish we would have done one, so we could have focused on what we were saying at the alter vs taking all the other details in. 

7. Invest in a quality and well reviewed Photographer and Videograpger. We had an amazing experience with Derrick Tribbey. Worth every single penny and more...we however, didn’t hire a videographer. I regret that now. It doesn’t have to be the biggest package but trust me, you will want it. Make it a tradition that you watch it every year on your anniversary. 

8. Hire a wedding coordinator. No, I’m not just saying this because we are in the business now but rather found out first hand the added stress that can come with the day of events. 

9. The day will be a blur, you probably won’t get a piece of your cake or much of the food, you won’t remember what the table decoration looked like, but at the end of it all - you will be married. 

10. Jesus….. It’s really about him. We had the song “come and listen” by David crowder played prior to our wedding… Look up the lyrics... and, remember your marriage is about Jesus.. It’s about Jesus glorying himself to those around you and reflecting the love He has for us through your marriage. Flowers, cake, food and friends are important however, those things will all fade.... Jesus and His love never will. 

Derrick Tribbey thank you again for the memories captured!



Featured Image: Derrick Tribbey

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