Molina Media

Noe is such a great addition to our list! We absolutely love when he travels to Lubbock, and makes every couple comfortable. He always has a smile on his face and is so enthusiastic. His work speaks for itself, here are a few words from the man himself:

Hello! Get to know Anna and I! My name is Noe (pronounced No-we). I'm a full-time videographer and Anna is a full-time graphic designer. We recently got engaged and are in the process of planning our wedding. We are so excited for our day on March 4, 2023!

When we're not shooting videos, you can catch us on a southwest plane heading on an adventure. We enjoy traveling, the outdoors, cooking and trying new food. During our recent adventure to Mexico City, we decided to take engagement photos while on vacation.

Here is a message from our coordinators -

I am always so glad to hear that I get to work with Noe! He offers such a professional product that tells your story. He is a great person to work with on the day of, with a smile always on his face. If you ask anyone, they always have such good things to say about him and his work. He is truly a top-tier videographer!

-Juliana :)

Noe is such a talented videographer. Every video he makes is beautiful and you can see the amount of time that went into making it perfect. He does a great job at capturing each moment throughout the day. He is very professional in every way and always works his best to make your wedding video everything you hoped it would be. 


Noe!! He is truly so fun to work with. Being in front of a camera all day isn't always easy for everyone and he definitely knows how to make our couples feel at ease on their big day. I love when I get videos back from him, and get to relive all of the special moments of their day!!