Planning Your Table Decor

One of the hardest things about planning a wedding can be planning the decor for the wedding. I love Pinterest and I always recommend my brides create a solidified Pinterest board with all their wedding ideas and dreams. This helps you the bride figure out what you like, what you don't like, and gives ideas. It also helps your event coordinator during event design show you different things. I love the event design room at Eberley Brooks, we have some of the best decor around to utilize. I highly recommend that each bride spend time looking around the event design room at all the decor we have. This can help you start to put pieces together and make mock centerpieces.

I always recommend brides choose our event design package or full coordination package. These packages let you utilize all the decor in our design room. It allows you and your event coordinator a whole garage of decor to play around with. It also can help you figure out what florals arrangements you want as centerpieces or greenery intertwined in the centerpieces. For example, I below the 2nd picture in the slide below. The pumpkins with florals on top are so unique and different. The coordinator added votives, candles, and candles to the pumpkin and florals. By adding smaller pieces it can big more attention to your florals or main centerpiece.

Adding small decor can help your tables POP and not look so empty. I particularly love greenery down banquet tables with candles, votives, or goblets down. Another thing to think about, your linen colors can really help your table themes. I love white table cloths with a pop of color for the napkins like the first picture in the slider below. Another fun idea is a POP of color for your table cloths and either a plain linen napkin hanging off or a napkin on the plate. One last thing to think about especially for winter weddings, colored overlays. They aren't a necessity, but they can provide a fun POP to your tables. If you look at the third to last picture in the slider below you can see one winter wedding. The bride chose to do red/pink table cloths, gold sequin overlays, and red napkins. This tied the tables up perfectly and made the reception look amazing.

Your event coordinator has a lot of ideas and is always there to help you dream up your decor. Pinterest always helps, but scrolls through Eberley Brook's social media to get ideas from previous weddings. We always look forward to helping you design your wedding.

I hope this helps you get some inspiration,