Poppies and Peonies West Texas

 I am so excited to introduce everyone to Victoria Anderson. Victoria Anderson is the owner of Poppies and Peonies West Texas. They are one of our preferred florists. We love working with Victoria and we think you will too! Here is a little bit about her. 

My name is Victoria Anderson and I’m 28 years old. Born and raised in Lubbock, Texas and I love it!! West Texas sunsets can’t be beaten. I enjoy spending time with the Lord and my family and nerding out to Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings movies! 

I asked Victoria a couple of different questions and here are her answers.

How did you get into floral design? 

 I first got into floral design 9 years ago at Market Street. I had never picked up a flower in my life and yet very quickly realized I had a knack for looking at things and visualizing the potential of how beautiful it could be! Throughout the following years, I learned everything I could about floral design, events, and weddings and trained under many prestigious florists here in Lubbock as well as in Dallas, Fort Worth, and Arizona. I wanted to learn every type of design so that I could accommodate the variety of visions my clients came to me with. 

What made you start your own floral business?

For years I stated that I would never own my business! The idea of running my own business couldn’t have been more unappealing! However, in 2019, as I was working for plastic surgeons here in Lubbock, I realized that I had a great desire to do something more with my life! As I began to pray about it, the Lord moved swiftly and within a matter of a few months, I had purchased a branch off of Poppies and Peonies! It has been a complete whirlwind but I’ve realized that God is so good and He had been preparing me for this crazy calling for the past 9 years!

What are your favorite flowers?

One of my favorite flowers is Dahlias! They are intricate in design, rich in color, and bring divine beauty either by themselves or paired with any other flower...whether they are Carnations or Orchids. My style is very organic and whimsical. I don’t always go by the book.

What should every bride know about You?

. If a bride has an exact picture in her mind, I will formulate the floral to match (or let her know if I can’t) but generally, I look at the product we’re working with, what style the bride enjoys, colors, textures and I let the flowers design themselves. When brides select me as their florist, they need to know that firstly, I want what they want. My favorite thing to experience is the resounding joy a bride exudes when I’m explaining how I can bring the vision in her head to life! I will also be very direct and honest so my brides need never fear that I’m going to mislead them on what they will receive. I want them to know exactly what they’re getting and be able to move forward with the utmost confidence in me and my abilities. I also want my brides to know how important communication is for me! I am always at my bride’s beck and call and they know that they may reach out to me at any time of the day and together we will work through whatever they are having questions about! I have such a heart to serve these beautiful brides on the most important day of their lives and I love that I get to serve through floral design! 

Feel free to reach out and we can do a consult over the phone, FaceTime, or in person and figure out a game plan for your special day!


We hope you enjoyed learning about Tori and Poppies and

Peonies West Texas.


Tori Anderson

Phone: (806)831-1340

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: @poppiesandpeoniesfloraldesign

Instagram: @poppiesandpeonieswtx