So. Bar South

How did you get into creating mocktails?

When my wife Cynthia was pregnant with our first child, Amelia, she assigned me to find her a drink alternative she could enjoy. Through that journey, I discovered my love for mocktails. Shortly after Amelia arrived, we found ourselves back in the same spot a few months later. Eleanor, our youngest, is only 14 months younger! Needless to say, Cynthia also became a big fan of mocktails.

Fast-forward a few years past the pregnancies, and I'm still in love with offering a beverage that everyone can enjoy. There’s something special that happens when we gather around food. When you pair that with a good drink, it is even more special. I want more people to experience what nonalcoholic drinks can do for social get-togethers and parties.

What is your favorite mocktail to make?

I don’t have a favorite mocktail just yet, but my favorite type would be the one that makes someone take a second sip and think about what flavors that are involved with the drink. I love it when people say, “That’s different!” They may love it or they may not, but it is always a unique experience for them! That’s really what I’m going after!

Are your mocktails seasonal?

Yes, all of our mocktails are seasonal. One of the reasons we do seasonal is because we want the freshest ingredients in our mocktails. We have our very own cotton honey bees to give our drinks an added pazazz while getting a uniquely local flavor that can only be found in West Texas. We also have our very own herb garden where we harvest many of the herbs that we infuse in our homemade syrups and that we use as aromatics or garnish for our signature mocktails. So. Bar South is all about local quality drinks, that is why we take extra care to get the best ingredients.

What should brides know about you?

One thing brides should know about me is that I love a good party! That is why I take extra care to not only make drinks but have a mocktail service that knows how to sustain the environment you want at your event. I am all about quality when it comes to any product: craftsmanship, design, and experience. It’s all in the details and I never cut corners. 

What should brides know about mocktails?

Each mocktail menu is custom designed for their event. We can color scheme drinks, have a special theme, or even add fruit preferences. This is one of my favorite things about our service. I love making new unique drinks with the added creativity and challenge of customizing each menu for every client. 

Mocktails are a great option when alcohol is or isn’t involved in a wedding celebration. Whether they are having an alcohol free event or not, our mocktails provide a “fun drink” option for anyone. Weddings are often catch-all events that host a variety of people from all backgrounds and stages of life, providing mocktails for guests ensures there is a drink for everyone.

How long do you typically stay at a wedding?

My bar is open at a wedding for 1-2 hours, usually for cocktail hour or a pre/post-dinner period while photos are being taken. My service is a great filler between the ceremony and dinner or between dinner and cake cutting. Serving mocktails in these spaces of time is a great way to get guests interacting and moving around a room. 

What are your specialties?

So. Bar South specialties include unique mocktails that are customized to each event, the skills of expert drink mixers, and we pride ourselves on having an excellent team of bartenders that know how to host an environment while working hard to serve guests.