The Ritters

Allison and Carson were such a sweet couple. They had a great relationship with one another as they played around and continually kept their eyes on each other. 

They had a full house to celebrate their union with each other in front of the eyes of God. 

The ceremony followed with a lovely reception where PJs served a delicious meal and appetizers! They shared a beautiful dance with one another, as well as dad and mom. Carson, the groom, also shared a special dance with each one of his sisters! 

Towards the end of the night, they took a picture with each table as Chandler with paramount productions played "Cotton Eye Joe"! Jes Lee photography kept up with Allison and Carson great and captured the pictures they were wanting! JC Elevated brought out their 360 photo booth where the couple got to capture a memorable moment. 

They exited to a line of guests with fairy wands that bride and mom made!  

I am so blessed to have been able to join you guys on your special day. I pray your marriage may be blessed, and you would serve God continually throughout your marriage! 

Juliana :)


Caterer - PJ's

DJ - Paramount Productions

Photographer - Jeslee photography

Videographer - JC Elevated

Cake - Lisa's Sweet Designs

Hair & Makeup - Bloomington Salon

Florals - Market Street

Photo booth - Snapshack