Travis & Kiana

Travis and Kiana Connely got married Friday, August 13th in the Barn. Nothing else comes to mind except for the words kind and caring. They were such a sweet couple, and I enjoyed getting to know and interact with them. 

The day started with a beautiful ceremony where they had the neatest unity of branding a customized piece with their brand. The guests then were escorted outside while the couple had a private foot washing as their first act of marriage and servanthood to one another. It was a beautiful thing. 

The reception then began as guests found their way to their assigned seats with a branded table number! They were served a steak cooked to perfection by Heart & Soul. After dinner, Kiana surprised Travis with his amazing stadium cake made by Alison Collins. He was so surprised! 

The night ended with a fun flag wave exit as the couple went through the person tunnel multiple times! 

I pray Travis and Kiana may continue to pursue God as the center of their relationship. 


Juliana :)


Catering/Bar - Heart & Soul

Cake - Bake My Day

DJ - Jose Carrascoe

Florals - Tucker/Charlottes flowers

Photographer - Lyndsey Garber

Videographer - Reese Harper