Tucker Floral

Tucker Florals is one of our preferred vendors. He is fun, spunky, and bound to make you laugh out loud. He will truly make your floral dreams come to life. Here is a little bit about Tucker.

Kindness is King , and love leads the way. I am a proud parent of two cats , Karen and Bella. I love home projects, 

working in the garden, and anything old with a story. I believe in hard work, if anything is worth doing.... do it correctly

the first time. God is in the details , so don't skimp on what matters. I know im a hot mess, but this is why I have dirt under my nails, 

and paint somewhere on me. I've been stung by a bee, had my teeth knocked out, setup a wedding through the night, forgotten 

to eat, lived on coffee alone, but I finished those weddings. I can honestly say it was work I was proud of and the quality I expect for my brides. 

I could never be a part of something I did not belive in. I'm gratful for every opportunity im given. 

How did you get into floral design? 

I grew up with an appreciation for the craft of doing things, everyone had gardens , 

my mom and grandmother sewed, my grandfather and dad weld, everyone had their "thing". 

I would go up to College Flowers and have lunch with a friend that worked there. Before

long, lunches would turn into all afternoon, and when I was needed I got hired. I loved it and 

came to believe I had found my "thing".

What made you start your own floral business?

I already loved what I was doing, I've done floral in Lubbock since '02. I wanted the 

chance to really focus on events, wedding florals , and my clients. I only book a

certain amount of work a week, and bring in staffing best suited to details of that event. 

What are you favorite flowers?

Right now anything odd and wonderful. I love the ugly beautiful florals that aren't perfect. 

Scabiosa , sweet peas, cosmos, zinnias. also the garden grown florals , bachelor buttons , 

queen anne's lace , Datura , geraniums , primroses , bearded iris. The air plants are so much fun 

to use in arrangements and bouquets, and last far after cut florals . 

What should every bride know about You?

I love what I do. I lay in bed at night and go through photos and ideas , I follow florist all 

over the world. I take inspirations from everywhere and everything. In doing wedding 

florals i've seen and been apart of pretty much everything. And I still love it all. I love

the new and different, but I'm working for you, by bringing your vision to life.

I love a carpe blanc wedding! I really do. But, in the end i'm gonna work as hard for any wedding. 


What should every bride know about florals?

The choices are endless, with an open mind there are so many beautiful stems, greeneries, and textures

that can create an endless variety of color pallets. With the same exact florals you can build several different styles

and ideas. The key to bringing it all together is communication. I use the phrase " if available" because sometimes 

peonies decide they aren't gonna product as expected. Flowers are natural, colors will fluctuate, availability will change,

but there are so many possibilities that can substitute. 

Are their any myths about florals in the wedding industry?

Do not pick your entire wedding "theme" because you saw a picture on the Insta! find pictures and ideas to base your 

wedding off of, but don't fall into the trap of trend. if you love yellow, then incorporate yellow. if you want to include 

cotton of off your family's farm then do it. A wedding to me is so personal and an expression of two people coming 

together. Find details that reflect that. if you love white and cream, then do it. But remember Insta is heavily edited

and doesn't show true colors. But you can show yours! 

Here's a great video that show cases Tucker!


We hope you find Tucker and Florals just go together,


Andrew Tucker

Phone: (806) 543-9474

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: Tuckerfloral

Instagram: @tucker_floral