What Do I Serve for Dinner?

How do you choose what dinner to serve at your wedding? You can choose from; a plated meal or a buffet. Some things to think about, with a plated meal you will have to know ahead of time what your guest want. This can require giving your guest the option of chicken or beef in the RSVP. It would also require a tedious seating chart. One way you can get around this is by having each meal plated with the chicken and beef option. This is more expensive, but it takes out the tedious work of making a seating chart. Appetizers can be easier to plate, salad is a great appetizer to have pre-plated.

The great thing about a buffet is your guest will get to choose exactly what they want. It also allows them to go back for more. It is also a great way to serve your guest with food allergens. All of our preferred vendors go above and beyond in their buffet services. The buffet won't just be Shaffers and food, they will make it look top notch.

Appetizers/ Hors' Devours

One of my personal favorites is a charcuterie board. We have the perfect table for a huge board of fruits and cheeses. It allows all of your guest to snack on something before dinner is served. Guest typically love cock tail hour with finger foods as well. It's a great time to serve them something light while your wedding party finish taking pictures. It also keeps guest for sitting around and waiting on pictures to be done. If you decide to do plated salads, this could help keep your guest seated and out of the way while you and the wedding party finishing taking photos on the stage and inside the venue.


When thinking about what you want served we typical say a chicken and a beef option is the way to go. There's no need to go to extravagant in your meal. One of the best options is providing fajitas. This provides something for your food allergen guest and any picky eaters like kids. It also allows your guest who are vegetarian or vegan to have options as well. One thing to talk to your caterer about is how they set up their buffet. Double sided is the best because it keeps your guest from waiting to long for dinner.


I am a dessert person through and through. Most people love wedding cake and look forward to eating some through out the entire wedding. If you aren't doing a formal grooms cake, its the perfect opportunity to serve something other than cake. Popcorn bars, candy bars, S'mores bar, pie, cookies, cupcakes, or even a chocolate fountain are great ways to substitute a grooms cake for something else sweet. Eberley Brooks even as a popcorn bar, s'mores cart, and a candy bar as an additional rental.

You can't go wrong with whatever you decide to serve for dinner. There are several things to consider, but keep in mind what you want to eat at your wedding and go from their!

Food For Thought,


Our preferred caterers

  • PJ's Catering From The Heart
  • Heart and Soul Cuisine
  • Honey Child's
  • Abuelos
  • Market Street
  • J&M Barbecue
  • Bone Daddy's
  • River Smith's
  • Southern Elegance