The Answers You Need to Celebrate at Eberley Brooks Events

We know that choosing a venue for a wedding, shower, fundraiser, holiday party, corporate event, or graduation is a big decision. So, here are the answers to our most asked questions. We're confident that any event at Eberley Brooks is one you'll remember. And if we didn't answer your question, please reach out!


What kind of Events can we host?

Memorable ones. Just to name a few: 

  • Non-profit fundraisers
  • Corporate celebrations
  • Conferences
  • Annual meetings
  • Corporate retreats
  • Client/donor appreciation events
  • Branding and product launches
  • Festivals
  • Sales meetings
  • Team building events

Do I need to bring in an outside coordinator or decorator for our Event?

To make your Corporate Event more enjoyable, we also have the following available for additional costs: Event Design Or Full Coordination.

Event Design

Meet with one of our event designers to discuss the overall event design or decoration needs.  Our designers will help create an event that best describes your company and purpose for the event.  Included in Event Design is set up and tear down of decorations. We will also work with a florist on your behalf if live florals are needed. 

Full Coordination 

Eberley Brooks will coordinate vendor selection, contract negotiation, and management of event.  Please inquire about full day or multi-day events. 

Do you host Fundraisers, Galas or Charity sponsored events?

Yes. Please fill out our “Charity events” document so we can best help you host your event.

Do you have an in-house caterer or list of preferred vendors?

We do not have a house caterer, however we do have a list of preferred vendors who can accommodate anything from fully plated dinners to drop off luncheons/brunch.

Our Preferred vendor list also has an array of other vendors who we recommend and trust to do outstanding work.

Is there internet or Wi-Fi provided on-site?

We provide basic WI-FI. The password will be given prior to event.

Does Eberely Brooks have exclusive Audio/Visual vendors?

Eberley Brooks does not have exclusive audio/visual vendors. We do have basic Audio/Visual equipment (Mics, Mic stand, surround sound, and 70 inch monitors) that are available however if your event requires more sophisticated needs we are happy to help meet with A/V vendors to accommodate your event needs. We do have a sound technician that is available to run basic audio/visual needs if desired.

Please contact us about your A/V needs.


Is gratuity included?

  • EBE staff: Our staff and coordinators strive to provide exceptional service. If you feel that they have done an exceptional job and would like to thank them, please feel free to do so. Please convey all tips and gratuity to the manager working your event, so that they can be equally distributed. Please know that all gratuity/ tips are dispersed amongst coordinators and staff only, not management.
  • Vendors: Your vendors work hard to provide a stress free and memorable day. If you feel they have done a great job, please feel free to tip and thank them directly.

Can we get ready at Eberley Brooks?

This depends on the venue you booked and the time of your event. Please check your package or with your coordinator for details.

Who is the point person the day of our event?

A day of coordinator is included in your package. If you would like someone to coordinate your entire wedding, please see our Full coordination package!

How early can vendors arrive to set up?

  • Full day events: 10:00 a.m.
  • Hourly events: One hour prior to your event start time


Do you provide tables, chairs, and linens?

Yes, and the Eberley Brooks Staff will set up the tables, chairs, and linens for you!

Do you provide a sound system and sound technician?

Yes. Our venues include sounds systems and a sound technician for your event needs. The sound tech is not a DJ. See our preferred DJs.

Do you have specialty items available for use?

We have a full list of additional rentals available to rent for your event. Including but not limited to: yard games, frozen drink machine, patio heaters, fairy lights, curtains, uplighting and dessert bars. Please inquire for a full list and pricing.

Can we bring in decorations?

Eberley Brooks Events (EBE) wants to make every event a special and welcoming experience. Every effort will be made to allow each client to prepare decorations. However, only EBE staff may rearrange and move furnishings, including and without limitation, artwork, lamps, antiques, or seating.

All decorations must be approved by EBE staff.

  • No nails, screws, staples, penetrating items, or tape should be used on EBE walls or fine wood.
  • Candles may only be used cautiously on the fireplace hearth, stage area, and table tops. Dripless candles are mandatory, and must be stationary, as well as enclosed in non-flammable containers. Battery operated tea lights are recommended.
  • No rice, confetti, birdseed, potpourri, glitter, or any substance of that nature is allowed to be thrown at any EBE facility.
  • Bubble machines are permitted outside.
  • Flower petals may be used for decorating purposes on tables only. Flower petals may not be used on the floor, even if a floor runner is being utilized. Faux Petals inside are allowed for the flower girl only.

We have created an event design package that allows you access to an array of different decorations.

Is there a cake cutting fee?

If your caterer does not provide this service then there will be an additional fee.

If we plan to have alcohol at our reception, do we need a bartender? Can you provide a bartender?

Yes, see our Bar vendors here. TABC Certified bar tenders are required and a copy of their license will need to be on file. We’re always happy to help find the right server to ensure your event is staffed properly, let us know if this is a service we can add to your package.

Can I use my own caterer?

Yes, however, we have restrictions and requirements they must meet. Contact us for more details.

Do you have preferred vendors?

Yes! And we made you a list because we have worked with each vendor and found they are professional and reliable. We trust them and know they will do their best work for you on your wedding day!

When do we have the rehearsal for our wedding?

All rehearsals are based on availability of the venue, and rehearsal times must be scheduled with your coordinator. Rehearsals may only be booked two months prior to your event.

  • The Chapel: the timing of your rehearsal will be scheduled after the scheduled ceremony is conducted that day.
  • Suggestion: You may schedule rehearsal dinner prior to having the actual rehearsal. This will allow us time to conduct the scheduled ceremony and you time to enjoy dinner earlier.
  • The Barn: Your rehearsal can be conducted 1 of 3 ways:
  • Day of—this will be conducted in the barn at 10am the morning of your ceremony. **We highly recommend scheduling a “day of” rehearsal if having live musicians in the barn and the barn is booked the evening prior.
  • The evening prior to ceremony, if available.
  • The Great Room and Courtyard: If your rehearsal is in the Great Room/Courtyard, it will be limited to participants of the wedding only, leaving ample room for the rehearsal.

Can we have our rehearsal dinner at Eberley Brooks?

  • The Great Room and Courtyard are available for rehearsal dinners to anyone on a first come, first book basis. Rehearsal dinners, or other events, in these facilities may be booked at any time, so make sure to check when you reserve your wedding date.
  • The Salle de David/Jardin is also available for rehearsal dinners, but we do not allow bookings earlier than two months prior to your ceremony date.

What is the wedding planning process like with Eberley Brooks?

A day of coordinator is included with your package. Within 30 days of your date hold agreement your coordinator will contact you to go over any questions you might still have. A meeting 3-4 weeks prior to the wedding will then be scheduled with the coordinator handling your event. At that meeting we will discuss timeline, vendors, music for the ceremony, as well as any other wishes you have for your wedding day. Please remember this person will only coordinate the day of your event. If you would like someone to coordinate your entire wedding, please see our Dreams package!

Can we have an outdoor wedding?

Yes! We have two outdoor ceremony sites for both: the Barn and the Salle de David. Both are the perfect backdrop for saying “I do”.


How many hours are included in my venue rental?

For a full day rental you have 14 hours: 10:00 a.m. - 11:59 p.m.

Are your venues handicap accessible?

Yes. We want to make sure all your guests can celebrate with you!

Are week days priced differently than weekends?

Yes. Please call our office 806.777.0422 for pricing.

What is the cancellation policy for Event Design and Coordination packages?

  • If event design or coordination services/packages are booked and then cancelled after the initial meeting, a $250 cancellation fee will be assed and the balance of coordination and, or design fee will be refunded.
  • If design or coordination services are cancelled within 90 days of the event, no refund will be issued.

What is your cancellation policy?

Other than your security deposit, Eberley Brooks Events is unable to issue refunds under any circumstances.

  • If your event is cancelled more than 120 days before the event, EBE will refund your security deposit and credit your balance paid, less the Non-Refundable Date Hold Deposit, for future facility rental within one year of your original booking.
  • If your event is cancelled less than 120 days before your event, EBE will not be able to provide a credit toward future facility rental or refund any balances paid, other than the security deposit.
  • If your event is cancelled, you will be asked to sign an Event’s Cancellation form in order to void any remaining balances due to EBE.

How much is the deposit and when is it due?

  • If you have toured our facility a $500 non-refundable deposit and a date hold agreement must be filled out in order for us to secure your event date and time.
  • If you have not toured our facility but would like us to hold your date, a $500 deposit is required. Tour and consultation must be completed within a week of the received payment. However, if the first consultation is cancelled less than 48 hours before the scheduled appointment, your deposit will not be refunded and your wedding date and time will be released. If booking is not confirmed at first consultation your deposit will be refunded and your wedding date and time will be released.
  • Within 30 days of your date hold agreement an initial consultation will be scheduled to review services and contract. This meeting to be held in person, on phone or over email.
  • Within 10 days of the initial consultation a signed contract must be returned and a 25% deposit of services booked will be due. These may be brought by during office hours, sent via mail, or returned via email.
  • A payment schedule for the remaining balance will be made with contract signing. Final payment for all services will be due 30 days prior to your event date.
  • Additional services and rentals can be added prior to your event date but payment for these services/rentals will be billed separately and due upon receipt.

Does Eberley Brooks require liability insurance?

Yes, we require each event to carry a certificate of insurance.

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