Additional Rentals

 Not only do we provide you with Full Coordination if desired, but we have endless options of additional rentals.

These items add a perfect touch and will be sure to enhance your wedding ceremony and reception.

Not only do these items make your wedding worth the while, but they will allow your guests to enjoy your event even more!

We have seen so many couples use all of these in their own unique way and we cannot wait to see how you will utilize these as well!


Our Additional Rentals Include: 



LED Lighting for Drapes

S'mores Bar

Kids Package

Yard Games

Donut Wall

Candy Bar

Linen Napkins

Popcorn Bar

Greenery Installed on Barn Doors

Frozen Drink Machine

Of course these items aren't going to be the number one priority on your list, but once you have all things checked off your list and see that you have a little left in your budget,

I highly encourage you to consider these additional items.

They will be the perfect touch to your perfect day!

Let us know if you need help deciding on which ones would fit your special event the best!

xoxo, Hannah


Photographer | AlleeJ & Brit Jones