Grayce Floral

Grayce Floral is one of our preferred florist here at Eberley Brooks. Grayce Floral is run by the sweet women of Souther Elegance Design. Grayce Floral is a brick and mortar floral shop off of Quaker. They offer take out florals, gift items, custom design plants for home, office & more, funeral florals, wedding florals, event florals, workshops, and more! They also recently added their own line of coffee to the mix.

Southern Elegance Designs is their event design company that offers floral design,catering, cakes and more!

Shelley and Tonjua have known each other since they were babies. They did their own children’s weddings, followed by one at the Windmill Museum. This one got published in The Knot, so they had to decide on a name for their business quickly and they chose Southern Elegance. They started in Shelley’s dining room and grew up there organically; never borrowing a penny!

How did you get into floral design?

We started by doing our own children's weddings and we were published in the Knot.

What made you start your own floral business?

We decided to expand our wedding business and offer florals.

What are your favorite flowers?

We love Free Spirit Roses, O'Hare Roses, and Anemones

What should every bride know about You?

We want the day to be about you and your groom.

What should every bride know about floral?

 Greenery is cheaper than flowers and can truly made your wedding look beautiful!

What inspires you?

Shelley: Brides with no money that have a lot of ideas but not a lot of money. It

inspires me to want to give them a really special day.

Tonjua: Seeing the end process after all of our planning and brainstorming, and then

seeing our brides’ (& families’) faces when they see the end result.

What is your favorite thing about what y’all do?

S: Floral design. Working with the families and getting to know them!

T: Seeing the bride’s face when she sees the final product. When her eyes glisten and she

is excited!

Anything else you would like Eberley Brooks blog readers to know about you?

S & T: We can provide cakes and catering as well! We pride ourselves on giving the

mother of the bride and bride a stress free day where they are not having to worry about

anything. Our foundation is built upon this principle

We hope you enjoyed learning more about Grayce Floral and Southern Elegance Design,


Grayce Floral

Phone: 806-797-9714

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: @GrayceFloral

Instagram: @grayce_floral