My First Mother's Day!

Being a mom was always something I knew God created me to be. What I didn’t know was just how much my heart would grow during the process. I became an aunt when I was 17, until then that was the biggest joy of my life! I am now the aunt of nine, I never knew that type of love until I held my first niece, Avery. I never could imagine loving someone more than I loved that little girl, yet here I am, now a mom to Barrett and I cannot even comprehend the type of love I have for him. It is undescribable, unmeasurable, and unconditional. I have seen the Lord allow and teach me to love in ways I never knew my heart could.

With sleepless nights and long hard days, I remind myself that these are moments that I prayed for for all of my life. I cannot begin to tell you the longing that I had to become a mom, one year ago on May 7th, I found out I was pregnant. The joy, excitement, and love filled my heart in ways that cannot be put into words. And this little boy has made my heart full and whole. We now can hardly remember what life was like before he was here. It is the biggest blessing to get to see him grow and learn daily.

In my mother’s words being a mom is the “biggest lesson on love and faith.” This Mother’s Day I am praying that all of you moms are showered in love by your children and loved ones. And to my Mom, Stepmom, Mother in law, Granny, and Nana thank you for being the best example of what strong women and mothers look like. I love you all!

Photos by Abbie Gibson Photography