Zahn Proposal

Rachel Zahn and Kleat Smith are quite a hoot. I met Rachel while touring her, Kleat, her mom, and her sister. I loved giving them a tour back in June. They were one of my more fun tours. Rachel is this spunky Lubbock girl for went to LCU. I could see the love between Kleat and Rachel instantly. While talking to Rachel, Kleat, and her family I learned that Rachel and Kleat were not engaged yet. They wanted an October wedding and knew this they were each other forever.

I became Rachel's coordinator and soon got to be apart of the fun. Rachel's sister contacted me shortly after they booked with us and let me know Kleat would love to propose to Rachel at the venue. This took some work. You see, Rachel was already coming in with her family to do her first event design meeting and to meet with her florist; Fig and Flower. Kleat wanted to propose in the Sage Chapel, though they are getting married in the barn. I looped Jodi in from Fig and Flower and we set up the perfect way to convince Rachel she needed to look at the Sage Chapel again.

Rachel's sister, Kleat, and Tina Cooper their photographer showed up an hour before our meeting to get everything set up. Kleat and Rachel's sister set up the cutest engagement decor. Kleat and Rachel had dated before and had made many memories together of the last couple of years. Including getting Rachel's sister married!

 Rachel, Jodi, and Rachel's family arrive I told Rachel I thought she needed to look at the Chapel again. This was made us luck because Rachel was originally torn between the two venues. We walked to the barn first so she could tell the Jodi what she was envisioning and I could show Kleat's mom around the barn. We then walked over too the Sage Chapel. I made sure the stain glass doors leading into the ceremony room of the Chapel were closed. I told Rachel I wanted to show them the bridal waiting area again so, she walked in. I then told her we are going to go in. Then I opened the doors. Rachel was shocked, Rachel saw the photographer first and junked back. It took her a second to realize what was going on.


We watched Rachel walk up to Kleat and then Kleat get down on one knee. We were all tearing up. It was the sweetest proposal and Rachel was still in shock. Her mom made sure to dress up so Rachel would wear the dress she wanted to get proposed in without giving her any hints. (Rachel wasn't going to let her mom upstage her ;)) Rachel had even said to her mom on the way to the proposal that "today" would be a great day to get engaged.

This engagement brought tears to my eyes. I was so thankful to be apart of something so special and intimate. I am so excited to get Rachel and Kleat married in a couple of months.



What a great day for such a great couple. Are you Interested in proposing at Eberley Brooks? Give us a call today.